What is Hub of the Wheel? To sum up in as few words as possible, it is about the War in the Pacific, with Pearl Harbor at the center of the radiating spokes. At this point, the emphasis will be on the first 9 months of the war: Dec ’41 through Aug ’42. Via documents, photographs, books, and film/television, I will attempt to tell the story of the War in the Pacific. As I find and transcribe them, I will be adding original documents (action reports, war diaries, ship logs, etc). I’ve also always been fascinated by photographs, that frozen moment of an ever-moving world. And in many cases, the most intriguing aspects are in the background, filler surrounding the subject, so to speak. Books and movies will be reviewed. Hub of the Wheel posts are about old photos, new and old books/movies, and whatever else I feel like including. I do have a lifelong fascination with Pearl Harbor (not just Dec. 7, though that is a huge part of it). I’m strangely drawn to the place, though I’ve only been there one time, and that was over 35 years ago, in March of 1981.. As the title suggests, Pearl is only the hub of the wheel. Dozens of spokes run off in a hundred different tangents.

Input is welcome, dialogue encouraged, and hopefully a thousand stories and photographs shared.

Welcome to the site.

Jeffrey Goff